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Man fears eviction after his late mother leaves house to a cancer charity in her Will

By Richard Catton

A MAN has locked himself inside his Ryedale home because he fears being evicted after it was left to a North Yorkshire charity in his mother’s will.

Laborevics, 40, has become a recluse in the Norton house where he has lived for 32 years and fears a knock on the door from bailiffs any day will leave him homeless, according to his brother, Paul.

Their mother, Lily Yeomans, left the house to Yorkshire Cancer Research in a 1989 will, 15 years before she died.

But Paul, 43, said: “All of us assumed the house would go to John. When the will was read out it was a jaw-dropper to say the least.”

He said he could not risk losing tens of thousands of pounds by contesting the document in court, but said he could think of no reason why his mother would have chosen the Harrogate-based charity to benefit.

In the will, Mrs Yeomans left her estate to her then partner, Raymond Johnson, but stipulated that, should she outlive him, everything should go to the charity. After outliving Mr Johnson, Mrs Yeomans’ wish was carried out and the Commercial Street house was left to the Harrogate-based charity following her death in 2004.

To see the full article, click here.

Reproduced with kind permission from York Press.

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